Apr 14, 2020

Advice consisting in two phases. The first is that if you like cinema you should immerse yourself in it.

And all its multitudes.

Good! Experiment! Step forward! There are many so many aspects to consider, from the scenography to the script, the direction, the acting … be curious, keep going forward.

Try to get an idea of ​​what you like and also what you don’t like about the cinema world. This is very important. Get an idea of ​​how you see yourself in this industry. Is there a job you would like to do? This is a very important first step. Read, watch videos on YouTube… to be curious you must be hungry, because cinema is a profession that contains many rivers, so you must somehow be interested in everything that this world involves.

Then we have the second phase where you need to be sincere with yourself, ” I want to work in cinema” .. but what do I want to do within this industry? And more than anything else, do I have the talent to do it?

Put this way it seems very rough, but if you like something it doesn’t mean that you have the characteristics to do it.

So you have to actually begin to understand if you have talent. How to do this? You have to get involved, start calling your friends, maybe you start shooting your first short films. You don’t have to make the short film or the film of your life, but you have to try to understand if what you are doing is simple and intuitive for you.

Maybe you have a dancing star inside you that can finally take off.


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