Milan Academy


FMA – Focus Movie Academy in Milan is located in the Martinitt Theatre in the Lambrate area: a stunning 16th Century building, just like Focus Movie Academy in Florence. Today it is a multi-use complex including a cinema, cinematographic workshops, a theatre and a large outdoor arena.

Here you will find the perfect environment for studying acting, cinema and television; rich with stimuli and frequented by actors, producers, directors and other professionals.

The history of the Martinitt dates back to 1531 when Francesco Sforza decided to donate a safe space to the orphans and abandoned children of the city of Milan. He chose this building close to the parish of San Martino and the orphans took the name Martinitti, “small Martini”.

THE headquarters of the academy – the perfect location

FMA Milan is in the Lambrate area of the city and offers a campus style environment: an evolving project inside the Martinitt Theatre with multi-functional spaces.

Just 25 minutes by bus from the Central Station in Milan or 15 minutes on foot from the Lambrate Metro station. The area is well served with bars, supermarkets, restaurants and gyms. We can also help you find accommodation in the area. Contact us for further information!

Study Offer

Go beyond the usual canons of classic acting schools, with our three-year intensive course.


All professional opportunities reserved for students of the Focus Movie Academy, from internships to first professional jobs


Some of the many companies in the film industry with which Focus Movie Academy collaborates.


Some of the many companies with which Focus Movie Academy collaborates.


055 294605 (9.00-14.00)

055 213030 (9.00-14.00)

Piazza Santo Spirito, 9
50125 Firenze


Monday: 9.00 – 18.00
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