Erica on the set of an International production!!!

Oct 16, 2020


Hi Erica, we’d like to do a short interview with you about this TV series which is due to be screened soon. What were you feeling while you were filming?
Apprehension, adrenaline, jitters, people moving about everywhere….I didn’t understand who everyone in the troupe was, in the middle of the Moroccan desert!!! (Beni Mellal – Marocco) I remember it being really hot and we had to wear really heavy costumes.

However they are amazing memories, the attention given to hair and make-up, the dressing rooms and then….Action……..AN INCREDIBLE FEELING!!! I was constantly seeking reassurance from the actor I had in front of me.
( Félix Moati)

How did he behave with you?
He was always very helpful, we tried out the scene before and because he is an experienced professional actor he explained all the roles to me, he accompanied me on set and made me feel at ease.

Did the director give you precise instructions or did he give you some freedom?
Everyone was quite surprised because rarely does he (Oded Ruskin) dedicate much time to a brief scene, especially to an actor in their first important experience. Instead with me he gave me advice because I was concentrating too much on the actor I had in front of me. Given that my character had never met the other actor’s character before, the director explained to me that it was wrong to do so. Oded was very present, actually he even let me watch the scene…. something that never happens!

We have to remember that when we are on a set it really is a real job. Were all the people and movements a distraction for you?
On that day in particular there was a lot going on because it was an action scene. We filmed it many times because there were many vehicles and extras and it was very difficult to coordinate everyone’s movements. However when they called me on set, I was able to concentrate and isolate myself from everything.

Who is the distributor of this series? Where can we watch you?
It will be on important platforms….I’m so excited, Hulu, HBO, Arte, it will be amazing to see myself there!!! It was obvious from the start that this was a really professional set!!!

Do you think that this experience can lead on to something bigger? As an actor and as a person?
It is something quite unexpected, I have been able to understand the value of a professional set and I have also recognized the need to listen because everyone has their own interests, dop, director, editors etc. but while I was there I needed to follow just a few people.

On a personal note, what does acting mean for you?
Understanding yourself and others, a key that can open doors, worlds and sensations that cannot be lived normally, in order to explore many different lives in just one.

Usually aspiring actors think that making a film is a quick process but it is not like that at all, what advice would you give them? CANCELLARE
Filming took about two hours, the other 8/9 hours were spent in hair and make-up and then just waiting around. You have to stay alert and attentive to everything that is happening around you, be careful to whom you are talking to because you risk losing important energy which you need when filming starts. I recommend saving energy and bring lots of books!

An actor who has other skills is important. Erica speaks 6 languages.
Having different kinds of know-how gives you more possibilities of working in this sector, above all in a set or tv series likes this where there is a French – Swiss – Israeli coproduction. Being able to speak different languages helped me to take part in this series which was filmed in English.

What aspects of your studies at FMA would you have been able to apply to the set?
I would have been able to understand the roles of everyone more easily. I would also have been able to prepare the character beforehand through text analysis, I would have created a back story in order to be more prepared on set and to give more meaning to the lines.

Would you recommend Florence Movie Academy?
A continually evolving environment with teachers who give high quality instruction. A place with few faces but lots of heart…

Erica, an FMA student who has undertaken her first important acting job in a tv series made by an international production.

A positive, enthusiastic young woman ready to take on the world!!!





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