Career Opportunities

Focus Movie Academy is the only academy that is in the position to guarantee not only an internship for all students, but also work as a professional in the film sector for students who score at least 105/110 in their final exam. At the end of their program, students will have the opportunity to work from the moment they finish their studies!

All students will be able to take advantage of free commercial and legal advice for starting their careers.

Focus Movie academy takes responsibility for providing all its students the necessary support to guide them in the best possible way in their future professions. In fact, each student will be able to build and plan their career with the free support of professionals in the sector and various consultants even after their studies end.

Filmmaking students:

Filmmaking students who score at least 105/110 in the final exam will have the opportunity to work professionallly for one of our partner production houses.

Acting students:

Acting students who score at least 105/110 in the final exam will have the opportunity to carry out work experience in London where they will have the opportunity to develop materials for their professional portfolio with the assistance of international professionals. The service includes the free creation of a showreel and headshot. During their studies, students will have the opportunity to participate in auditions with Italian, English and American agencies.

N.B. An actor’s showreel and headshots are a fundamental part of their portfolio and are necessary for applying to agencies and castings.


The filmmaking course includes an internship in the third year of the study programme. For the Acting course, academic students will have the opportunity to meet with various Italian and international entertainment agencies. During these meetings students will be able to put what they have learnt into practice, completing their training by understanding the working reality of the film sector.

N.B. The Internship Office is responsible for organising meetings and selections between companies and agencies and our students, taking into account the individual attitudes and skills.


Our philosophy is to teach a professional method through the concept of “learning by doing”. We retain that practical experience in this sector is more valuable than years of theoretical studies.

Our aim is to allow our students to carry out any activity in the film sector with respect for the culture and values in which we believe.


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